What We Do

SWOP offers free and confidential services to all people who engage in sex work in NSW, including:

    • safer sex supplies; we distribute free safe sex ‘workers packs’ with condoms, gloves, dams and lube, which can also be collected from our Surry Hills office, in addition to a range of supplies for purchase by cash or EFTPOS

    • HIV, Hep C, STIs and sexual health information

    • SWOPconnect; a peer-based telephone sex work information & support service

    • information on laws and legislation including the Sex Industry Legal Kit and associated fact sheets (all downloadable)

    • referrals to free legal advice for sex workers on sex work and non-sex work matters

    • health and workplace safety information including downloadable resources, face-to-face information and service referrals

    • confidential counselling and support  at our offices in Surry Hills or by telephone with referrals to other services

    • safer injecting equipment on outreach and at our Surry Hills office (including intra muscular injecting equipment)

    • employment information and support; including information for new workers and workers wishing to leave sex work or former workers wishing to return; we support all sex workers in all areas of the industry at all times

    • printed resources & sex worker magazines at Surry Hills office

    • reference library at our Surry Hills office with internet and computer access for sex workers

    • outreach to sex industry workplaces, in urban, regional and rural areas

    • workshops for sex industry workers including safer sex and sexual health, business management, safety, laws and regulations, workshops for new workers and workshops for those looking for a second job or to find a non sex working employment and issues specific to different aspects and types of sex work

    • training to other services to create a better understanding of sex worker issues; feel free to contact us if you work for a service that would benefit from workplace training