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Mandatory requirement for all NSW sex services premises from 12 July 2021:  

NSW Government QR Codes AND  Alternate Digital/Electronic Sign-In Sheet 


QR Code Requirement & General Information 

  • As of 12 July 2021, all NSW Sex Services Premises and Strip Clubs are required to have a NSW Government QR Code for premises so that staff and customers can check in using the Services NSW app AND an alternative digital sign-in sheet for staff or customers unable to use QR code.
  • If your business or organisation already collects contact details using a NSW Government QR code or alternative digital sign in sheet, it should continue to do so.  
  • You need to take reasonable steps to ensure people can provide their contact details to when they enter your premises. For example, you should: 
    • display your QR codes in prominent locations
    • remind people to check in when entering your premises 
    • where possible, keep an eye out for new people who have entered your premises
    • ask to see the ‘green tick’ on the Service NSW app and check it relates to your premises. 
  • Businesses that need to collect patron and staff details must address this requirement in their COVID-19 Safety Plan.  

 Alternate Sign-In Method 

  • If it is not possible for a person to check in using a device, an occupier must have an alternate sign-in method at their premises. The alternate sign-in method must record the contact details of the person and be kept ready and available for a minimum period of 28 days to provide to NSW Health if requested.
  • For patrons who are unable to check in using QR code, businesses and organisations are required to record their contact details and time of entry in digital form using a non-QR electronic device, such as a computer.  This record can be in the form of a spreadsheet or any other form of digital entry that can track customer check-ins and protects the privacy of your clientele.  A record template is available. (PDF, 167.7 KB) (PDF, 167.7 KB)
  • If a person is unable to provide contact details, for example due to age or language barriers, another person may provide contact details on their behalf. 

Collecting Contact Details 

  • Businesses and organisations that are required to collect patron records must record the following details for every person including staff, patrons and contractors entering the premises: 
    • name 
    • phone number and/or email address 
    • date and time of entry  
  • Records must be kept for a minimum period of 28 days and provided as soon as possible, but within 4 hours, upon request from NSW Health, 7 days a week. 
  • You should take reasonable practical steps to protect the privacy and security of a person's contact details: 
    • collect personal details in a way that keeps them private from other people (for example, avoid using a pen and paper sign-in sheet where contact details are exposed) 
    • ensure the information recorded is stored confidentially and securely 
    • ensure the information is only used for the purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing when requested by authorised officers, or that consent is obtained from the customer if the information will be used for another reason (e.g. customer loyalty schemes or marketing). 
  • To support accurate collection of contact details, you should: 
    • collect customer, patron or visitor details at visible and accessible entry points. 
    • clearly display check in requirements at the entry to premises.  
    • provide appropriate cleaning and/or access to sanitiser at the premises' entry and exit points. 

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Please contact SWOP NSW if you have any further questions: (02) 9184 9466 




 Last Updated: 18 July 2021