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Sexual assault

Sexual assault can happen to a sex worker on the job. Sexual assault is any unwanted touching, or the use of force to make another person do something sexual they did not consent or agree to do. It is a crime, and you are not responsible if it happens.

Harassing, intimidating or harming sex workers is ILLEGAL

People in all occupations have rights—including workers in the sex industry. Brothel owners must ensure a safe environment for workers and clients. Assaulting a sex worker, including rape, is a serious crime. You have every right to report sexual assault to the police—which includes if it happens on the job.

Reporting an assault

If you have any trouble reporting violence against you to the police—or if you think you are not being taken seriously because you are a sex worker—phone SWOP and we can assist you.

Let us know

By making a report to SWOP you can help us monitor and map violence against sex workers. We use this information to develop safety strategies and advocate for change. Parts of the report are provided to other sex workers to help make our community safer.

To submit an ugly mug report to SWOP, click here. Every detail helps.

Remember: Sex workers have a right to earn a living and be safe while working!

Support is available

Support and counselling following sexual assault are available through SWOP, the Rape Crisis Centre or sexual assault services. They can help you get the support you need to move on with your life and work after an assault. 

SWOP has a highly experienced counsellor who is particularly familiar with sex work issues. Phone counselling is available to sex industry workers in regional NSW. Phone the SWOP office to make an appointment with the counsellor: (02) 9206 2166.