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What is an escort service?

Escort services arrange for sex workers to provide services at the client’s location—such as a hotel, home or office. Escort work can be done by escort agencies, private escort workers, brothels providing ‘out calls’ or any sex worker. 

Do escort services need approval from the local council?

An escort service based in a premises (building) may have to lodge a DA for approval to operate as an ‘office’ or ‘agency’, and comply with other local council regulations.

An escort service that provides sexual services ‘on the premises’ (‘in-house’) is defined as a ‘brothel’ and needs to get approval from council. An escort service that provides sexual services ‘off the premises’ may need approval as a commercial business.

Some local councils include escort services in their brothel policy. For more information on the role of councils and the approval process, read the local council sections. 

Can escort workers work from a hotel room?

Yes, escort workers can work from a hotel room, as long as they are doing outcalls. Escorts can also lawfully visit clients in their own hotel rooms.

But if you rent a hotel room to see clients then the situation is more like that of a private sex worker. While one-worker businesses are difficult for councils to locate, councils could visit for a compliance check or to pressure the hotel management to stop renting you a room. Click here for more information about private and home-based sex work.