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Balanitis/Fungal Infection

Balanitis/Fungal Infection

What is it?

Balanitis is a fungal infection of the head of the penis. Men also get fungal infections of the balls and groin as fungus grows well in warm moist environments. Fungus is normally found on the skin but may overgrow and cause an infection.

Signs and symptoms

Balanitis may show as pimples on the head of the penis, weeping sores or peeling skin which may be itchy and sore. Genital fungal infections usually look like pink or red inflamed skin that is itchy and sore.


Antifungal creams, which are available over the counter at the chemist, are very effective. They may need to be used for a week after the symptoms have gone to prevent a recurrence.


Avoid using a lot of soap, dry the groin well, wear loose underwear and clothes, and wash and dry under the foreskin if present.