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Safer Sex Supplies

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Safer Sex Supplies

Sex workers have always relied on methods of barrier protection to prevent both STI transmission and often also to avoid pregancy.

Condoms are the main type of barrier protection that sex workers use. SWOP provides a range of sizes and types of condom as fit is an important factor in ensuring the condom works effectively. Also critical to the effective operation of the condom is lubrication and SWOP povides lube in all workers packs and also sells lube in tubes and sachets.

Also avaiable from SWOP's Surry Hills office are dams and gloves.

We also carry a range of clean injecting equipment.

Our Price List for purchasing Condoms, Lube, Dams and Gloves is available here. Minimum purchase  for condoms is 1 box (of 100 condoms). Prices start at $!5 per box of 100.