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Australian Federal Police

Australian Federal Police (AFP)

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) are responsible for investigating the trafficking of people into all industries and domestic situations. Trafficking occurs when people are forced or deceptively recruited, and then travel to Australia into a situation where they cannot leave or stop working, or where their movements are controlled. The AFP may also help other Australian Government departments in their work, such as Immigration, Taxation or Centrelink.

The AFP must show identification when visiting a workplace. They need a warrant if they are going to do a search. The AFP have the right to collect names and addresses of anyone present during their investigations. If you wish to speak to the AFP you should be able to do so confidentially and safely.

SWOP help

SWOP can provide:

  • information about the trafficking laws
  • information on support services and visas available for victims of trafficking
  • referrals to services for people who may have been trafficked.