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Resignation of SWOP Chief Executive Officer

Resignation of Chief Executive Officer


12 May 2015

Dear SWOP Members,

I am writing on behalf of the SWOP Board to inform you of the resignation of SWOP’s Chief Executive Officer , Kylie Tattersall. While the resignation of a CEO is indeed a time of great change for any organisation, we would like to assure you that, as a fully-fledged, independent, peer-led sex worker health organisation, SWOP is in its strongest position ever, thanks in no small part to the work of Ms. Tattersall.

Ms. Tattersall has been with SWOP since 2009, making a fast progression through the ranks due to her professional ability and natural flair for leading others. Starting her time at SWOP in the Outreach Team Leader position, Ms. Tattersall utilised her background in community development and human rights, to shape and improve SWOP’s relationships with the community and key partners, as well as significantly build upon SWOP’s capacity to deliver state-wide, front-line peer-based outreach.

Among the key operational achievements of Ms. Tattersall are the initiative to increase SWOP’s culturally and linguistically diverse outreach team from three to five members; prioritising and restructuring the SWOP’s regional outreach with the goal to deliver outreach in rural NSW areas all year round; and mentoring and capacity-building SWOP’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer and Transgender Officer to ensure both these marginalised communities within the wider community of sex workers receive culturally appropriate, peer-reviewed and delivered services.

Ms. Tattersall is also responsible for developing SWOP’s current Strategic Plan 2013-2016, one of the most consultative plans in SWOP history. She has improved SWOP’s relationship with NSW Police, including SWOP training police officers who deal directly with sex workers. In terms of SWOP’s ability to respond to the needs of our key stakeholders, NSW sex workers, Ms. Tattersall has created a specific Private Worker Outreach position to address shifts in the way we choose to work; and a Policy, Media and Communications role that ensures SWOP has the capacity to feed into key policy areas affecting NSW sex workers. Ms. Tattersall also ensured that SWOP stayed apace with NSW sex workers during the online migration, ensuring SWOP has a leading voice in both local and global conversations about sex work.

The SWOP Board wishes to thank Ms. Tattersall for guiding SWOP through one of the most significant, and at times challenging, processes in its 22 year history – independence. Building upon the work of previous SWOP leaders, Ms. Tattersall took the idea of sex worker leadership and governance of SWOP and made it into a reality. After such an arduous process, running concurrently with her continuing to oversee SWOP’s day-to-day provision of services to NSW sex workers; it is no great surprise that Ms. Tattersall is taking the opportunity to pursue a more creative passion.  

It is also the perfect time for an energetic and visionary Chief Executive Officer to take the now independent SWOP to the next level in meeting the needs of NSW sex workers. Our process to recruit such a CEO has already begun. The SWOP Board has assembled an expert selection panel to oversee the process, and has begun advertising the vacancy today.

We look forward to your support through this change, and are sure you will join us in wishing Ms. Tattersall the best with her new creative endeavours. We are sure she will remain connected to SWOP and NSW sex workers, and that her work here will long be remembered.




SWOP Board Acting President