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Can I access the SWOP offices directly without speaking to someone in the ground floor reception area at 414 Elizabeth Street?

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Yes you can.


There’s no requirement to go to ground floor reception if you’re visiting SWOP.


There will be a phone/intercom system provided outside the main entrance to the 414 Elizabeth Street premises with the SWOP number clearly marked.


When you call the number, the SWOP receptionist will answer and buzz you up to the SWOP office on the 4th floor.


You just head directly into the building, straight down the hall, past the ground floor reception area and go to the right and into the lift. Press the number 4 for the fourth floor. The number 4 will light up in the lift when you press it, as the SWOP receptionist will have activated it when you rang.


If for some reason the fourth floor button does not light, or you forget to call us from the main entrance intercom, there will be another phone/intercom system and sign/directory just outside the lift where you can also call directly to the SWOP office.


Alternatively, if you prefer you can just call SWOP on your mobile when you arrive at 414 Elizabeth Street and we will activate the lift for you.



When you exit the lift on the fourth floor, turn left and walk straight ahead. The door to the SWOP office will be directly in front of you and will be clearly marked.