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What are the sex industry regulations in my local council area?


You need to contact your local council environment and planning department, because each council has its own rules and regulations for sex work and sex services premises. Usually you will find what you need to know in your council’s Local Environment Plan or Development Control Plan.

To find out about the sex industry rules and regulations in your local area, you can:

  • read the relevant planning policies—Local Environment Plans and Development Control Plans are available from the planning department of the local council, on council websites or at a small cost
  • ask council planning officers about the existing consent for premises or the policies that apply over the phone, by mail, email or by appointment—do this with care. The staff may be required to act on information you share with them about unauthorised or illegal premises, and
  • get advice from professional town planners about whether your business is lawful, or can become lawful, in a particular building or location in that local council area.

For more information about how councils regulate the sex industry, check out our section on sex work law.